About Us

Scott Furgiuele

My name is J. Scott Furgiuele. I am married with 4 amazing children, 3 sons and a daughter. I have worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 15+ years. I have lived all over the United States but have made Sugar Land, TX my home.

I have always been passionate about Porsches and it all started when my dad brought home a 1983 Porsche 944. I thought I was looking at a space ship and I’ve had the bug ever since. Bought my first Porsche in 2007, a Cayman S and since then I’ve owned 10 other Porsche models, Cayenne’s, Cayman’s and several 911’s. Both aircooled and water cooled, my passion for Porsche know no bounds. While my heart is with Porsche, there is no denying the beauty that most European cars possess.

When time allows I like to hit the track and race with friends in, you guessed it, a Spec Porsche 944. Cars are my passion and it seems only fitting to take that passion and create a business out of it. So, with some good friends I decided to take that enthusiasm for cars and live the dream and work for myself and 2ndcar was born.



Tom Giertz

Hey, Tom Giertz here. I guess my love of cars started when I was still in my mom’s womb, 6 months pregnant with me, at Sebring in 1961. My dad was racing a Fiat -Abarth Record Monza in the Sebring 12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance for the Alitalia Cup. I’m sure I fell in love with the sounds and smells then.

Growing up, the sports cars of the 60’s and 70’s were a big influence on me and is probably why I still race those era cars. I currently race a ’64 Saab 96, ’74 Porsche 914, and an ’84 Porsche 944.

On any weekend you can find me racing in the CVAR series, WRL, 24hours of Lemons, Rallycrossing, Autocrossing, at a Concourse event, or just hanging out at a Porsche Club of America get together, which I am the coordinator for in the Lone Star Region.

I do have a wide love of all cars and love to experience them all. My 2nd car, was a 1978 Datsun 280 2+2, but of course it didn’t stop there, just like I’m sure it hasn’t for y’all.

That is why I created this site with Andy, and Scott. To help enthusiasts find the 2nd car, 3rd car, or whatever number it might be. I hope you can find your next car here. Feel free to reach out to me at tom@2ndcar.com.


Andy Ritt

Andrew is a life long German car enthusiast, buying his first car (an 86 Porsche 944) as a project. Subsequently he has owned and restored over 60 cars, including many Porsches, BMWs, Volkswagens, Land Rovers, and several Jaguars. He loves to turn a wrench, scour the country for barn finds, attend local gatherings, and go on spirited drives with the occasional track day.  Andrew’s professional background in enterprise digital media and software, combined with his automotive interests, and fuel a genuine desire to build a better car buying experience for other enthusiasts.


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