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Regardless of where you are in the world, there is always a spot in your “garage” for another toy. It might be another vehicle dedicated to just the weekend, or an off-roader for your hunting trips, or a road warrior complementing the garage queen. We all have our reasons, to have an extra set of wheels.
In the United States, at least, you will be hard pressed to just walk into a dealership and try and find something cool, obscure 90s or 80s, and older. You must seek some specialized places, which might not even exist in your town, or be way out of your budget and what you seek. Apart from the conventional Craigslist, Ebay or car specific forums, there are emerging platforms that are essentially online auctions. And we are going to talk about one, gaining momentum despite being only a month old – Immediately, just by the name you get the idea of what this site is all about. And you better bring your checkbooks, credit cards and piggy banks, because you might just see a car you want in your garage. What differentiates 2ndcar from the other alternatives is that it is ran by 3 enthusiasts united by the passion of cars (Porsche specifically) – Tom, Scott and Andy. All 3 come from different walks of life, different experiences, but under the common umbrella of bringing a buyer and a seller together. This is a very personal process, of handing over custodianship from one person to the next.
PREVNEXT Yeah you are already thinking, but one can buy a car the conventional way, or with established brands. But you will be missing a key portion, and that is the experience. 2ndcar will not only provide you with the ability to select your next dream ride, but also advice on mechanics shop with Pre-Purchase-Inspection (PPI) services, transportation and even photo and video services. For some of us, life can be busy. With a click of a button you can have the car from the digital screen, in your garage in a matter of days.   But let’s not forget the sellers’ perspective. Your car is listed within hours of submission, not weeks or months of waiting. If your reserve is not met, and sometimes that could be by a small change, the vehicle is given a second chance. Top bidders are additionally contacted, to see if they would consider paying their highest bid. In some cases, reserve prices are even clearly stated in the description. All in the favor of moving the vehicles quick, allowing proper turn around. 2ndcar car has no listing fees, so if you feel like you want to change your garage a bit, give it a shot. It doesn’t even have to be a complete car, you can even sell wheels.
In just one short month, since going live, 2ndcar has connected 5 different buyers and sellers, and steadily expanding its network to collectors, casual sellers/buyers and “window” shoppers.
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