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2ndcar is committed to the best selling experience for our community of sellers. Below are some common questions.

  1. How much does it cost to list my car?…..NOTHING
  2. How do I submit my car?…..E-mail us the following information to so we can get your listing started: Your Name, Your E-Mail, Vehicle type and model, VIN Number, city and state it is located, how long have you owned it, current miles, transmission type, engine type, how is it titles, are you a dealer, any modifications done, any current problems, any rust issues, what service records do you have, and your reserve price.
  3. How long before my auction is live? Complete information will help expedite your listing. We strive to be live within 48 hours.
  4. How do I get paid?…..At the close of the auction, we will e-mail the buyer and seller their respective contact information. Those two can then work out the details they need to complete the transaction.
  5. What cars do you accept?…..We want to list anything that has a market to sell.
  6. How does the reserve work?…..You tell us the minimum that you want to sell your car for. If it seems out of the current market, we call discuss and do our best to get your car sold!
  7. How do I update my listing?…..E-mail us the additions or changes at and we will make those changes for you.
  8. Do I write my own listing?…..We will be happy to use your description for the listing. We will go through it and make sure it will maximize your chance to sell and make changes based on that.
  9. What about shipping?…..That is between the seller and buyer.
  10. Can I change my reserve?…..E-mail us at with your request.
  11. Can I cancel my listing before the auction has ended?…..We prefer that the listing run its full length. E-mail us at with your request.

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