1958 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 401


From our partner in Belgium we present this body off, fully restored 1958 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 401.

The engine of the 401 is a car engine, type OM 636 VI. This engine is a water-cooled naturally aspirated straight-four-diesel with precombustion chamber injection, OHV-valvetrain and a displacement of 1767 cm3. Its standard power output is 40 PS (29.4 kW), this figure was reduced to 25 PS (18.4 kW) at 2350 min−1 for the Unimog. The OM 636 is mounted slightly inclined towards the rear, in the front of the Unimog. It has an electric starter.

The Unimog 401 has a Daimler-Benz six-speed constant-mesh gearbox with two additional reverse gears. It has a clutch-independent switchable all-wheel drive and differential locks for the front and rear axle. The clutch is a Fichtel & Sachs single-disc-dry-clutch. Daimler-Benz offered an additional two-speed crawler-gearbox as a factory option.

The 401 has a 150 W Bosch alternator, a 12 V / 105 Ah lead-acid battery, two headlights, two rear lamps, electric trafficators, windscreen wipers and a horn. A plug socket for a trailer was offered as a factory option.

A flatbed is mounted on the rear part of the Unimog, it measures 1500 × 1500 mm and is designed for a payload of 1000 kg. The 401 has a spring-mounted hitch in the rear and a standard hitch in the front. For additional equipment, it has an anchor rail.

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