1971 Jaguar E Type


This 2 owner car has only  44,000 miles and has been in dry storage for 33 years.

This Series II XKE Roadster is a two owner car. The car was put in dry storage in 1985,owner was going to replace the interior and soft top.The correct leather interior and top was ordered and never installed.

The car was left to languish and was not completed or moved.In order to get the car out of storage we had to uncover it from its blanket of boxes,pool cover,wall paper rolls and miscellaneous Christmas boxes. The car is a numbers matching car,we easily got it running after soaking the cylinders.

The car currently is not set up to run by hitting the key and running,it needs an external fuel source. I mentioned in the attached video that the car is “largely”a rust free car.I do not mean rust free,I mean largely rust free. There is a spot on right rear well opening,small and not a hole but rust.Most rust that appears in the pictures is surface rust.The tow truck driver took a floor jack and lifted on the drivers floor only to expose weakness in the seam of the pan. The spare wheel floor is solid as is the doors,bonnet,quarters .

The car shows no evidence of an accident history.

The bodyside moldings are taped on and easily removed.

The car comes with the complete new interior kit as well as new top and boot.

The spare tire is the original tire from factory.

Car comes with clean negotiable Tennessee title.

MILES 44,000
VIN 2R14179

The car is in Nashville Tn.

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