1989 Lancia Delta Abarth Group A WRC Rally Car


This is a very historic 1989 Lancia Delta Abarth Group A WRC Rally Car.

This chassis, TO11353H, was campaigned by Astra Racing WRC Team from 1989 through 1994 throughout Europe and South America.

In 21 races it finished first 9 times and was on the podium a total of 13 times!

Driven by famous WRC drivers such as Stig Blomqvist, Mikael Ericsson and many others of note.

You can see the racing Astra Racing WRC racing history in the photos.

It also raced in the Rally Trans Itapua in Paraquay in 1997.

The current owner has had the car since 2007 and has done a complete restoration, but has not raced the car other than some tarmac auto crosses.

The engine has 295 HP at the wheels.

The engine was built with a Garrett turbo charger to Abarth specifications.

The car has all special Abarth parts (titanium) as specification SE 044/45 (just before the last one SE050) the gearbox is R70 Abarth and the electronic control box is the Marelli Jaw70.

Springs and shock absorbers are new as also are the brake discs and brakes pads.

A new 3 piece brake master cylinder and a 2 piece clutch master cylinder of clutch have been installed.

The set up of the car is “hard ground” (for rally like Safari, Greece, Cyprus etc) and so the car it is equipped with fuel tank of 150 lt in aeronautical rubber.

VIN ZLA831AB000416774

First Italian imm. TO11353H (reported on actual Italian document) after export et reimport actually DL112XS.

This car is located in Italy.

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