1992 Porsche 911 Carrera Cup USA Edition


Introducing the legendary 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera 964 Cup Car. This is the ONLY example out of 45 produced in the red exterior paint. The other 44 are all in white, here is your chance to own a piece of race history!

A total of 45 Carrera Cup USA editions were imported into the United States in 1992 exclusively to complete in a national race series. That series never materialized and Porsche decided to sell these 45 cars directly to consumers. Certainly not a low cost alternative, the Carrera Cup cars commanded a 20% premium over the base Carrera 2 Coupe, coming in at $78,340.

This is a Porsche that was slated to be a race car from the outset. At 2760 lbs, the Carrera Cup USA is 271 lbs lighter that the standard Carrera 2. The engine is rated at 280hp, a 34 hp increase. The wheels on the car are the racing magnesium editions that save 23.3 lbs over the aluminum wheels. The suspension is firmer and 2″ lower than the Carrera 2. In fact, no system on the car was overlooked to produce as much performance as the 964 chassis could deliver.

By the time the decision had been made to sell the Cup cars to the public, Andial had already transformed 25 of the cars into full race-spec. Although they had never been driven, the cars had to be “reconverted” back to street form by Andial and Porsche NA.

This car was not done by Andial, but has had the full race spec package completed by the second owner at Foreign Affairs in Florida. Jim Bell was hired to sort the car. Mr. Bell at the time was Emerson Fittipaldi’s mechanic.


This particular chassis, WP0AB2963NS420509, with 14,200 miles was purchased by the current in 2002 with 3,095 miles.

A full prior history along with full documentation of the car is available with racing provenance that includes Andy Pilgrim.

In addition to the second owner completing the Andial conversion, done by Foreign Affairs in Florida, he also had the following modifications done:

RSR Wing $1,500

Mass Flow System $2,000

Factory Cup Car Exhaust that is tuned, PCA legal pg 9. section 1, paragraph E. $5,000

Rear Sway Bar $3,000

Fuel Cell $2,500

Fire System $1,000

The current owner had the DME returned to run premium fuel in 2003.

Recent maintenance includes:

Transmission and rear axle re-freshened as 12,000 miles

Full Stock Engine Rebuild at 11,607 miles

New Half Shafts at 10,458 miles

The cars has the original cup wheels on it. An additional set completely refurbished as in new in boxes as well as loose original parts removed during the race conversion. also a set of aftermarket Kinesis wheels.

The original sticker, books, COA, and dash plaque are included.

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